Thursday, 29 October 2015

Earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan 26 October, 2015

The earthquake 26 October, 2015 was due to subduction of Indian plate under Afghan block it is a convergent plate boundary in this range MMt, MKT and chaman fault meets. In this range every year there are earthquakes of high to low intensity quakes are generated. It is one of the most dangerous zones in the world for earthquakes. The center was Afghanistan along Hindu Kush ranges with a magnitude of 7.5 to 7.7 at a depth of 196 km some says that it was at 210 km to 223 km in depth. 26 October, 2015 earthquake was with an extreme intensity of 7.7 but 8 October, 2005 was with a intensity of 7.3 to 7.4 in which 90,000 peoples in Pakistan were dead where due this earthquake less than 1000 people were dead both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The main difference in this earthquake and 2005 earthquake was the depth. The depth of 2005 was 15 km with intensity of 7.4 and the depth of this earthquake was 196 km with intensity of 7.7 magnitude. Pakistan meteorological Department had measured this earthquake intensity as 8.1 magnitude where the Unite States of Geological Survey (USGS) measured 7.7 then after a time it down to 7.6 and later to 7.5. The epicenter was 67 km according to USSG but some says that epicenter was 82 km southeast of Feyzabad,Afghanistan.